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Engage with Your Audience

Build contests, interactive content, and email that drive revenue, database growth, and engagement.


Contests generate revenue from your audience while building your email database. You can reach an even larger audience with extra chances and social sharing incentives.

Interactive Content

Create unique experiences your audience will love. Learn more about your users’ interests while building rich consumer profiles you can leverage for targeted email campaigns.

Drive Website Traffic

Incentivize sharing by offering extra chances for posting to social media. You can also offer extra chances for answering a lead-gen question, opting-in, or watching a video.

Maximize Participation

Drive more entries by utilizing the built-in invite emails. Plus, drive conversions by sending automated thank-you emails.

Easy to Execute

Create a beautiful promotion in minutes by selecting one of many templates. You can then embed the promotion on any site or Facebook Page.

Turnkey Solutions

We have over 500 pre-built promotions. Each turnkey comes ready to go with content, images, and pre-built registration forms.

Tailor-Made Digital Marketing

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