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Nearly 20% of all time spent online is spent on Facebook.

Only 2.6% of a business’s existing Facebook Fan base sees it’s Page Posts.

74.5% of SMBs already use social media to advertise their business.

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Facebook offers super powerful targeting capabilities that deliver cost-effective results.

Facebook Ads offer options that are effective at all stages of the decision making funnel on a purchase.

Facebook Ads have a positive impact on mobile search traffic.

Awareness Ads

To promote a your business locally, to reach as many people as possible with an interest in your services.

Awareness Ads

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Measuring the Reach, Frequency & Engagement of Social Media is much more important than counting number of fans.

All Website Visitors Come from Facebook!
Americans say Facebook is their #1 influencer of purchases.
Ad clicks are increasing year over year
A post’s total engagement will happen within its first 5 hours

Tailor-Made Digital Marketing

Customized Social Media Strategy

Ad targeting helps us show ads to the Business’s target audience; and Facebook optimizes to show the ad to those people most likely to take the desired action relevant to the ad

We target ads to be people based on location, demographics and interests.

We can enhance targeting by retargeting to people who have visited the Business’s website, and also target people that LOOK LIKE the advertiser’s website visitors.*

*Requires customer to install Pixel on their website. Every customers receives a unique pixel in their Onboarding.

Bespoke Marketing Plans

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bespoke marketing strategy will consider your target audience, where they can be found, what they care about and the best way to communicate with them. It will be tailored to their needs and wants in a way that will generate you better, more profitable results

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