OTT/CTV allows you to target prospects while they stream content over an internet connection. We can target with OTT/CTV by using addressable, behavioral, and demographic data.

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OTT – Over The Top

Tv-like video content that is streamed over the internet without the need for a subscription from a cable or satellite provider. Devices such as smart TVs or devices that can connect to a TV, including streaming boxes, media streaming devices, and gaming consoles.

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CTV – Connected TV

TV-like video content that can be streamed directly to a TV set via a streaming device. Devices such as laptops, desktops and mobile devices that access streaming content.

Address lists converted to physical locations utilizing cross-device matching


This is a good option for Advertisers who target prospects or clients based on lists

Addressable OTT/CTV has a 90% match rate

Keyword and site targeting based on behavior


Good for advertisers who want to reach prospects who have visited their website, people who are doing online research for products/services and people who are visiting competitor locations


Targeting based on who your clients are; gender, age, household, and lifestyle


Good for advertisers who want to spark interest in their product or service and who want to reach a particular age, gender, income, lifestyle, etc.

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