Mobile Marketing

The Complete Mobile Marketing Application

A Step-By-Step Roadmap To Success

Enterprise SMS application to manage your communications

Build your SMS campaigns on our short codes or your own. Create different campaigns, message databases, build coupons, and much more.

SMS Messaging

Send messages, view reports, and manage every type of text marketing campaign with dedicated and shared short codes as well as international long code messaging.


Interact with all of our application's robust functionality through an easy to use JSON API. The API's RESTful nature makes development so simple you will be sending messages in minutes.

All-in-One Application

Deliver SMS, email, and mobile coupons as well as build and maintain your mobile website/app or landing pages in seconds.

Mobile Websites/Apps

Launch mobile websites, apps, or landing pages to link to your SMS campaigns in minutes.

Mobile Coupons

Create incentive, track redemptions, and build loyalty programs using SMS mobile coupon campaigns.

Reseller Programs

Participate in the industry’s best reseller programs, lowest wholesale prices, personalized training, and modernized services to help build your dream business.

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Set-up is quick and easy whether creating an SMS keyword through the the easy-to-use and responsive interface. Everything you can do in the interface you can do with the SMS API. Create a keyword on your own dedicated short code or one of our many shared short codes, and people can opt-in by texting that keyword to the code or by entering their mobile number into a form on a kiosk or web page.

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SMS Campaigns

The Campaign is where you send messages to your optins. Whether your users optin from Keywords, Web Optin Forms, kiosks, or even by filling out a form at an event, Campaigns are here to send those users messages. Schedule for immediate delivery or for some time in the future for quick and reliable delivery. Campaigns can be built to be delivered to an individual or group basis through the interface or the API.

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Keyword Advanced Configurations

The User Keyword is foundation of most SMS Campaigns. Keywords are used to market your campaign, gain optins, and start conversations with your users. We are constantly adding new advanced features to the Keyword. You can use deliver Mobile Coupons, run Contests, get Lead Notifications, and start drip campaigns.

Text Message Coupons
Building your database is always the first step. What better way to provide incentive to your customer base to opt-in to your text message marketing campaigns than to offer them a coupon that you send right to their phone? They either text a keyword to a short code or enter their mobile number on a kiosk or Web Optin Form. The customer receives the text message and clicks the link to view their coupon. Once they have received the coupon, they are opted into your marketing database and can now receive future SMS messages.

Coupons and Campaigns
Creating a message to send to 100, 10,000, or even 1 million SMS opt-in subscribers has never been easier. Use the interface to create the message you want, add an image, your offer, your expiration dates, the terms and conditions, and the coupon code and schedule it to be sent out now or the exact moment you desire in the future.

Coupons and Keywords
A Mobile Coupon can be added to any of the Keywords you create. Keywords are already powerful tools for building your optin groups. Adding a Mobile Coupon to your Keyword makes it even more powerful.

Customer Experience

It has never been easier for you to send coupons to your customers and track the redemptions. You can use Mobile Coupons to help build your database of customers that have opted in to receive text messages from your business. You can also send coupons to help drive additional foot traffic. For the customer, it is an easy 3 step process.

Receive the Mobile Coupon

You can send the Mobile Coupon to your customer with a Campaign or they can interact with one of your Keywords from any of your marketing materials.

Open the Mobile Coupon

In that text message, there is a link to the One-time redeemable Mobile Coupon. A simple click opens up the Coupon in a web browser on their phone. No need to download any extra apps..

Redeem the Mobile Coupon

When instructed, a click of the Redeem button prompts them to confirm the One-time Redemption.

Safe One-time Redemption!

The Mobile Coupons come with safe One-time Redemption technology. If they try to use it again, we display the redeemed coupon instead of the original.

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No, you can cancel any time.

Yes you can ask for any data and we can capture that for you when the response is received and update the user record.

Yes you are in total control and can send or schedule messages any time. 

Yes but there are additional fees and restrictions, pick a time with us and we can talk more about it.

Yes you can download a copy any time and add it to your email list or any other data set.

Yes you can create custom security roles for your users.

Yes we can set you up as a reseller and even automate the billing and credit card processing just let we do.

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