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  • We follow best practices to ensure the deployment of engaging and responsive emails on all devices, which improves engagement rates.
  • We provide the quickest turnaround times in the industry from email campaigns setup, testing and deployment.
  • Our mailing systems leverage numerous IP’s, servers and software to optimize campaigns for the highest possible inbox delivery.
  • We are 100% CAN-SPAM compliant and follow all DMA guidelines.

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We can help you reach a hyper-targeted audience where they are engaging most. Our wide-ranging database constructs user profiles based on:

  • By location (i.e. city, county, state, zip code, DMA)
  • By age, gender, education, income, etc.
  • By areas of interest (i.e. cooking, travel, sports and more)
  • Leverage display and email remarketing to reinforce your message

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  • Enhanced Email provides the tools necessary to implement successful multi-channel + marketing campaigns while keeping costs low and ROI high.
  • By enhancing our email marketing service we are able to identify your ideal customer and drive these consumers to your website.
  • In addition to our foundation of Email Marketing, Enhanced Email also layers your message using sponsored Gmail email ads and Yahoo email promotional ads, with guaranteed inbox placement.
  • Through the use of real-time bidding platforms, we purchase contextual ads targeted to users who are in market, within your geo and match the targets of your email broadcast.
  • These ads enable us to target individuals who may not appear within your targeted email list, but meet all the criteria of your email marketing deployment without any additional setup.

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